If you are on Facebook and need some assistance setting up your entry, here are specific details below:

1) go to Camp Cocker Rescue's facebook page and click on "FUNDRAISERS" (if you are on a computer, it is on the left hand column, if you are on a mobile device, it is on the menu at the top of our page, all the way to the right)

2) click on "create a fundraiser" or "raise money"

3) click on "get started"

4) fill out the "basics" of what your fundraising goal is

5) fill out when the fundraiser is ending (October 10th, 2018)

6) click next and then "tell your story"

7) Title your fundraiser like this -
"your name entry for the Camp Cocker Rescue Calendar Photo Contest"

8) Write your story of why you support Camp Cocker Rescue and what it means to you to get votes for your dog to help the dogs of Camp Cocker. (click "next")

9) pick your photo and edit the existing photo that pops up and insert the photo you wish to use for the calendar photo contest. 

10) click "create" and your contest is live!

To watch the video tutorial of how to set this up, click HERE.   Next is to spread the word to all of your Facebook friends! 

Ask them to support you and every $1 they donate = to a vote for your dog's photo for a chance to get into the Camp Cocker 2019 calendar!