Do I have to have a Camp Cocker dog to enter?  Of course not!  All wigglebutts are welcome to participate!


Do I have to have a Cocker Spaniel to enter?  Of course not, you can enter any breed of dog, you can even enter other pets! (one year a cat entered)


Can I enter more than one dog?  Yes, you can either enter them as separate entries, or you can enter them in one photo where they are both featured.


Can I enter one photo with multi dogs in the photo?  Yes, multi dogs can be in one photo entry.


Can people who want to vote for my dog send in a check for their votes?  Of course, tell your supporters to remember to please insert a note with their check donation that says it is for votes for your dog and to mention your name as well.   Donation checks can be mailed to:  Camp Cocker Rescue, 14320 Ventura Blvd. #236  Sherman Oaks, CA 91423    The check must arrive to us no later than October 20th, 2019 as we are tallying up the votes on October 21st - so be sure to tell your supporters to get their checks in the mail early!


Can I change the photo?  Sure!   We recommend that if you end up being one of the top twelve vote getters and will be in the calendar, that you get a fresh photo that is really clear, in natural lighting (not indoor lighting), in shade (not direct sunlight) and where your dog is making direct eye contact with the camera.   No humans in the photos please. (including any legs or arms in the background)


Can I change my dog's story on his/her fundraising page?   Sure, just email CampCockerInformation@gmail.com if you want to update your dog's fundraising story.


$1 donation = 1 vote for your pet.   If your supporters want to vote via online, it's a minimum of 5 votes.   If you have a supporter that only wants to place 1 or 2 votes, they are welcome to make their vote donation via check (see above for how to send a check)


When does the contest close?  October 20th, 2019  at 5:00pm (pst)    


When will the 2020 calendars be available?  They will be printed and ready for mailing out by the end of November.   We will be putting them for sale in the Camp Cocker online store around mid November.   (iHeartCockerSpaniels.com)