If your wigglebutt is one of the top twelve vote getters and wins a placement in our calendar, we are going to be asking you for the very best high quality photo possible.

Here are some tips for getting the best photo:

1) Most people don't have access to a high quality digital camera, however nearly everyone has access to a smart phone that can take decent photos.  If you don't have a good quality cell camera, ask a friend or neighbor or relative that has a smart phone to help you out.  

2) NO humans in the picture (this includes legs or arms of anyone in the background)

3) NATURAL lighting (artificial lighting rarely looks good unless you are using a professional camera and have a good sense of how to light the photo).    If you are going to take the photo indoors, take it in a room that is filled with natural lighting.   If you go near a window and the natural lighting only hits one side of your dog's face, the other side of the face is going to look dark and will be hard to see.

If you are an amateur photographer (most of us are not professional) then the best chance for good lighting is to get outdoors, not in direct sunlight, in the shade.    Make sure there is not sun shining in the background of your photo or it will be distracting.   The best time of day can sometimes be right before dusk, when the sun is no longer directly overhead and the sky is still light but there is no longer direct sunlight.   

4) NO clutter in the background (look at what is in the photo and what might distract from your beautiful dog).   You want everyone's eyes on your dog, not on the other clutter in the background (unless it is organically part of the background, such as flowers, trees, bushes, etc.)     

5) EYE CONTACT from your dog, this is the most important thing of all.    How many people are going to be looking at this photo on their calendar, for an entire month?   If your dog is one of the top twelve vote getters, you must capture a photo where the dog is making direct eye contact with the camera.   Some people use treats and hold them directly above the camera, other people make squeaky sounds to get their dog to perk up his/her ears and look at them.   Whatever you have to do, get eye contact in your photo.   You will be glad you put in the extra effort to do this as those photos will make your dog endearing to all of the people that will be looking at the calendar.   

6) you can send us new photos if you find a better one that you like, at anytime between the time that the contest is running until it closes.   Once the contest closes, we will be working on the artwork for the calendars right away so you might have only another two weeks or so to get that perfect photo if your dog is in the top twelve.